CMU Student Senate

Vice President and Business Affairs Committee Chair. (2016 - 2018)



  • Elected Senate Vice President (2018)
  • SOAR Award for Outstanding New Initiative (2017)
  • Elected Business Affairs Committee Chair (2017)

My tenure in the CMU Student Senate was instrumental in growing my love for policy as I led campus-wide initiatives to improve the student experience. As Chair of the Committee on Business Affairs in my junior year and Senate Vice President in my senior year, I developed Student Senate into a more proactive organization focusing on the issues that matter to students the most (and fulfilled my campaign promises along the way). Internally, I focused on empowering senators to focus on the initiatives they truly care about. With my leadership, the Student Senate:

  • Transitioned student government elections to a fair ranked voting system (which I developed)
  • Successfully advocated for opening a university-wide Office of Diversity
  • Successfully advocated for extending the minimum deadline for internship return offers
  • Successfully advocated for improving the availability of detailed course information prior to registration
  • Successfully advocated for releasing final exam schedules earlier in the semester
  • Embraced new technologies and modernized bylaws with version control
  • Restructured internal processes to create an initiative system that empowered individual Senators
  • Led one of the most successful years for recruitment in Student Senate history